A SUSTAINABLE CULTURE The Sustainable Development culture reaches deep at Fairmount Santrol. Everything we do strives to nourish a stronger, more prosperous future for our company and our communities. When a company commits to contributing to the world’s social, economic, and environmental needs, it can realize greater performance in all aspects of its business. From waste elimination to energy efficiency to wellness initiatives and more, sustainable development pays.


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Our sustainable development efforts move through every dimension of Fairmount Santrol. For a more comprehensive view, see our Corporate Social Responsibility Report.


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The strength of Fairmount Santrol today and tomorrow is fundamentally rooted in our people and the relationships we create. To create an engaging, thriving workplace, Fairmount Santrol makes safety, health and wellness, and community engagement management priorities.



Our business revolves around our ability to extract and utilize resources as sustainably as possible. Our strength is inherently tied to the environment. Fairmount Santrol makes environmental stewardship a fundamental element of the way we operate.



Fairmount Santrol’s financial success is rooted in our ability to identify and respond to key social and environmental issues. Our approach to sustainable development affords us with a social license to operate and helps to drive innovation and growth. This allows us to balance short-term profitability with our ability to deliver long-term prosperity to our stakeholders.