June 24, 2016

The Fluid System That Takes Proppant Farther

Brian Goldstein, Product Director

Product Innovation

The Rapid Payout of Propel SSP® v. Traditional Fluid Systems

Propel SSP Proppant Transport Technology is a novel fluid system that improves oil and gas recovery – and recoups your investment in a matter of months.

Picture a grain of sand, or proppant, with a thin, transparent layer of gel coating covering the surface. The proppant is dry to the touch, and to the naked eye it looks like a typical grain of sand. After adding to water, the coating swells around each grain while fluid viscosity remains low – becoming a “self-suspending proppant”.

Just add water and Fairmount Santrol's Propel SSP® Proppant Transport Technology becomes a self-suspending proppant.

*For illustration purposes only.

Propel SSP is used in place of traditional slickwater, gel, and hybrid fluid systems. It requires no special equipment or handling, and even cuts down on water and chemical expenses. By filling the entire fluid column – top to bottom – Propel SSP maximizes vertical contact area unlike slickwater, while its thin fluid allows proppant to go farther into the fracture than a gel. The net effects are increased production and completion efficiency – allowing a payout of the technology in less than 6 months, even at $40 WTI.

Fairmount Santrol's Propel SSP® Proppant Transport Technology out performs slickwater, and goes farther than crosslink gel. Slickwater


*For illustration purposes only. The un-propped area depicts limits of slickwater and crosslink compared to Propel SSP.

Down to Business: How Quickly Does Propel SSP Pay Out?

Payouts of Propel SSP compared with the average of Crosslink Gel, Hybrid, and Slickwater designs from multiple basins are pictured here, at $40/bbl WTI. The analysis compares the average proppant, water, and chemical volumes for each fluid system found in some of the most active oil producing areas – Delaware Basin, Williston Basin, Stack and Eagle Ford. Because of Propel SSP’s immediate effectiveness and production enhancement, the overall cost per BOE is reduced. This generates a payout in the case of crosslink gel, of less than 2 months.

Fairmount Santrol's Propel SSP® Proppant Transport Technology pays out faster than other fluid systems. View all posts