High Purity Silica & Lake Sands

Our high-purity sand and gravel products provide predictable and dependable performance for a wide range of metallurgies and processing conditions.

Foundry Brochure

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    Best Sand High Purity Silica Sand & Gravel

    Best Sand’s high-purity silica sand and gravel are widely used in the foundry industry. The sub-rounded grain shape is proven …

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    LakeShore Sands

    Fairmount Santrol is the leading producer of lake sand for the foundry industry. It is available from our Lakeshore Sand Co. The sub-angular shape and natural …

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    Wedron High Purity Silica

    Wedron high-purity silica is from the St. Peters Sand deposit. These high-purity round and sub-round grain sands are ideal for all types of foundries. …