Curable Proppants

We manufacture curable resin-coated proppants for low-to-medium, moderate, and moderate-to-high closure stress wells. You can find our proppants in every major conventional and unconventional US hydrocarbon formation. This robust portfolio, strategically placed in one of the industry’s largest terminal networks, prevents proppant flowback and increases conductivity.

  • Coolest

    Product Information

    CoolSet curable resin-coated sand sets in fractures to prevent proppant flowback at reservoir temperatures between 100°F and 170°F; with a closure stress of up to 8,000 …

  • A single grain of Opti Prop G2 is shown

    Product Information

    OptiProp G2 curable resin-coated sand provides maximum proppant flowback control and increases conductivity by containing the fines generated by raw sand, a combination that ultimately lowers …

  • A single grain of SLC is shown

    Product Information

    Super LC curable resin-coated sand, the first patented resin-coated sand to serve the oil and gas industry, prevents proppant flowback and improves conductivity compared to raw …

  • A single grain of Super DC is shown

    Product Information

    Super DC curable resin-coated sand prevents proppant flowback and provides added strength and durability. This dual-coat proppant, which also enhances conductivity compared to raw sand, sets …