Activators are liquid chemicals that assist curable resin-coated sand to set (bond) when the downhole temperature is between 100-150° F. Maximized grain-to-grain bonding to form a cross-linked lattice in the fracture that controls proppant flowback, minimizes embedment, and increases conductivity for better well performance.

Product Name Recommended Application Rate (1,000g of frac fluid) Temperature °F
  • 90-150° 5-10g

    Superset W®



    Product Information

    This activator is time tested in building bond strength in curable resin-coated sand when the well temperature is below 150° F. Recommended application rate is five to ten gallons per 1,000 gallons of frac fluid, depending on desired shut-off time and well temperature. When used with Super LC®, Superset W can achieve unconfined proppant pack compressive strengths of over 400 psi. Click here to review UCS data for Super LC.

    Product Resources

    • Technical Data Sheet

      SuperSet W Activators TDS

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    • Safety Data Sheet

      SuperSet W Activators SDS

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    • Safety Data Sheet

      SuperSet W Activators SDS – Spanish

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