SpectraQuartz for Pools

SpectraQuartz colored quartz is the choice of pool builders for nearly unlimited possibilities for creating custom color and texture. Permanently pigmented in an amazing array of distinctive colors, ranging from the most subtle tints to the brightest hues, SpectraQuartz transforms pool plaster into a true design element.

We combine high purity quartz (one of the hardest natural materials in the world) from our own mines in a specially developed mixing system to obtain a thorough, uniform pigment coating. We then utilize a precision thermal curing process that permanently binds the pigment to the quartz surface.

The result is a robust, vividly-colored quartz that won’t bleed or fade. SpectraQuartz is UV, chemical, and acid resistant, and will retain its beauty and hardness after years of exposure to sun and pool chemicals. Since every grain of our 100% natural quartz accepts color uniformly and consistently, you can be assured of the perfect look and texture over your entire pool.