August 26, 2016

100+ Wells Successfully Completed With Propel SSP®

Brian Goldstein, Product Director

Product Innovation

100+ Wells Successfully Completed with Fairmount Santrol's Propel SSP® Proppant Transport Technology

Propel SSP® Proppant Transport Technology Learnings

Oil and gas operators have now completed more than 100 wells in the US and Canada using Propel SSP® proppant transport technology.

What have we learned? And why are these learnings important to the oilfield?
This technology provides a more efficient approach to complete wells and the potential to unlock more reserves compared with slickwater, gel, and hybrid fluids.

As efficiency and reliability inform many oilfield decisions, operators have proactively selected Propel SSP® to realize various goals, including:

  1. increase propped fracture area to improve production,
  2. mitigate well intervention and loss of productive zones,
  3. reduce chemicals and water to simplify operations,
  4. stay away from zones with high water saturation, and
  5. reduce well damage to extend well life.

A combination of operating efficiency and production enhancement have produced payouts in two to six months.

With all new technology comes skeptics.
Although Propel SSP is no exception – relentless product development, process optimization and a conservative approach to business have enabled us to establish technical credibility and an excellent track record. In our initial phase of technology commercialization, we have validated a breadth of applications – ability to apply nearly any pump rate and any proppant concentration to place any proppant mesh (sand or ceramic) in a hydraulically fractured well. Operational success has been verified in many unconventional plays, independent of the production stream.

What is unique, is the ability for Propel SSP® to create and vertically prop the desired fracture area with ease. You can customize a pump schedule and adjust completion systems to achieve a more effective frac geometry, in some cases, while reducing water and additives by more than 50% compared with alternative designs.

We set out to ensure compatibility with conventional sand logistics, oilfield chemicals, pressure pumping equipment and downhole completion systems. Operators have verified this objective and have further confirmed performance in combination with other completion technologies, such as fluid diverters and multi-stage completions.

On behalf of the Fairmount Santrol family, we thank all who have supported, closely followed and technically challenged us to address a breadth of opportunities thus far. We invite new prospects to collaborate with us to evaluate your reservoir and completion system, possibly stretching the limits of what previously may have not been feasible or economically viable.

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