January 23, 2018

2017: The Year that Rocked Houston and How Fairmount Santrol Responded

Brittney Hataway, Sustainable Development Coordinator

People, Planet, Prosperity

2017 started out as any other year. Houston region Fairmount Santrol Family Members continued to make positive impacts in the community during our monthly volunteer events with Texana, DePelchin, Houston Food Bank, and Adopt-a-Highway clean-ups. But on August 29, everything changed. Hurricane Harvey hit the city of Houston and brought along with it over 40 inches of rain. As expected, the city flooded and our offices were closed. During those days at home, our Family Members sprang into action. Starting from the top down, we worked with the managers to assess the needs of all of our Family Members in the Houston area to determine what we could do to help. On September 1, once the rain had subsided, we moved quickly to begin helping our neighbors, and our Family Members. This included gutting houses, delivering food to our first responders, rescuing people on canoes, washing a stranger’s clothes, and everything in between.

French Street FMSA Group

Fairmount Santrol also started a fundraising campaign selling “Stronger than the Storm” t-shirts to raise funds for anyone that was affected. Together with Family Members, Fairmount Santrol contributed over $50,000 to those who were affected by the flood. During that short span of a week, our local Family Members in Houston donated over 400 hours of volunteer time. And we expect that number to keep growing because there is a lot more work to be done. Even when the rain stopped, we still experienced extreme flooding due to all the rain overflowing the water reservoirs. In total, more than 10,000 homes were destroyed, and we have a long way to go before everything is rebuilt.

In Houston, we are reminded every day that we are “Texas Strong”. We hosted the Super Bowl, survived – and even grew closer – during and after a hurricane, won the World Series and played in the snow. What a year, Houston, what a year. I’m proud to be a part of the Fairmount Santrol Family, especially in a year like this one.

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