February 23, 2017

Creating, Rolling Out, and Measuring High Impact Sustainable Development Goals – at the Corporate and Facility Level

Becky E. Andrews, Central Region SD Coordinator

People, Planet, Prosperity

Sustainable Development (SD) has always been a part of Fairmount Santrol, and starting in 2005 we decided to take it to the next level by making SD a key part of our business culture. Our robust SD program now includes a set of annual goals for 13 Corporate SD Teams and for all our facilities.  These goals allow the company to further SD initiatives by maintaining focus on all areas of sustainability.

Each year in October, the corporate SD Teams begin to create S.M.A.R.T. – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely – goals for their team to achieve the following year. Various teams come together to create goals focused on People, Planet and Prosperity, our company motto.

At the year-end SD meeting the corporate SD Teams present their new goals for the next year to the SD Advisory Board. The SD Advisory Board reviews the proposed goals and makes changes as needed.  The Director of Sustainability and the SD Coordinators then review the new SD Corporate Team goals and develop SD facility goals to align with SD Corporate team for the new year. Facility goals are created which will help to achieve the SD Corporate Team goals, and also be relevant for a plant, office, or terminal location.  To ensure all our Family Members are familiar with the new SD Corporate Team goals and facility goals each year, we create a “Bold Goal Roll Out” presentation. In the month of January, the SD Coordinators roll out this presentation company-wide.  Typically these presentations are delivered at safety meetings or at communication meetings. Rolling out the SD goals to all our Family Members in January gives the SD Corporate Teams and the facilities a full year to achieve the goals, and allows all of our Family Members to play a part in their progress.

Monthly check-ins with the SD Team Leads help the SD Coordinators and SD Director track goal progress throughout the year. At the year-end SD meeting, Team Leads present their goal results to the SD Advisory Committee.

The entire process is one way we can ensure that our SD goals have high impact and serve to both engage our Family Members and advance People, Planet, and Prosperity. Our mission states that we, the Fairmount Santrol Family, are united in our commitment to exceed all expectations while fulfilling our economic, social, and environmental responsibilities. Over the past few years, due to the dedication and hard work of our Family Members, we have consistently achieved around 100% of our SD goals. For more information on the work of our 13 SD Teams and our commitment to People, Planet, and Prosperity, please click here.

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